Erin’s Solo Paradise Parks Overnight Trip

On July 1st, I went out on a solo mission to Paradise Parks for a quick backpacking trip. I hiked in from Timberline and was picked up at the Ramona Falls trailhead. The hike out was great, I had done it before so there were no big surprises. When I got into camp though my allergies flared up and my eyes swelled up to the max. It hadn’t rained in about two months, so all the pollen from the wild flowers hadn’t been knocked down. I got my allergies to calm down when I went to bed but then the bugs came out and started eating me alive because I hadn’t brought my tent. But the sunset turned out to be pretty legit, so that was a bonus. I woke up, packed up camp, ate a hard boiled egg and a PB&J and got on the trail. When I got down to the river crossing it was kind of sketchy, I didn’t pick the best spot to cross and the water ended up being up to the top of my thigh. I made it across safely though and made my way down to the Ramona Falls trailhead. The trip had some annoying bugs and allergens but overall it was really fun

Distance- 14 miles

Time Allowance- 1-2 days

Start Point- Timberline Lodge

End Point- Ramona Falls Trailhead

Hyperlite Demo Day

Crew and the Boat IMG_6257 IMG_6258 IMG_6263 IMG_6276 IMG_6299 IMG_6346 IMG_6348 IMG_6401 IMG_6418 IMG_6438 IMG_6472Lee_2Lee_4IMG_6545 IMG_6552 IMG_6565 IMG_6571 IMG_6577 IMG_6640 IMG_6677 IMG_6682 IMG_6719 IMG_6759 IMG_6765 IMG_6786

Last week we were fortunate enough to be taken out to the Columbia River to test out Hyperlite’s 2015 gear line. It was a perfect day. We’ll let the photos tell the story. Needless to say, we’re all super excited on Hyperlite’s new gear. Thanks so much to our rep, Scott Sims for taking us out in his super nice boat!

Staff Favorites

Hyperlite State 2.0 “one board for everybody that’s an amazing bargain. Don’t let the price fool you, this board rips.”

Hyperlite Murray “the perfect blend of rocker gives this board tons of pop yet is still able to hold a decent edge, not for beginners, but perfect for someone ready to consistently clear the wake or the top level pros.”

Hyperlite Broadcast “this is a must have surf board for all boats, perfect for beginners just learning to get in the groove but fast enough for intermediate and advanced riders”

Hyperlite Quad “Our favorite Wakesurfer of the day.  Super lightweight and fast, this board is has four fins that you can leave on or take off for a completely customizable ride.”

Hiking Eagle Creek Trail to Tunnel Falls 5/15/2015

For my rainy Friday off I decided to hike one of the most popular trails in the Columbia River Gorge, Eagle Creek Trail to Tunnel Falls.  I’ve heard two things about this trail: it’s breathtaking and painfully overcrowded.  I set out from SE Portland and arrived to the trail head in a quick 45 minutes.  I tossed my $5 into the dropbox, and was onto a good start at 8 am.

The trail proved to be, in my opionion, a quintessential Pacific Northwest hike and I wasn’t bothered at all by the gloomy weather.  You’ll start the hike level with Eagle Creek and gain a few hundred feet gradually through a lush green forest.  High basalt cliffs tower on both sides and the trail does get fairly narrow at some points exposing you to some dizzying drops  (plenty of cable to hold onto if you feel uncomfortable).

At two miles in you’ll hit the viewpoint(Picture 1) of Punchbowl Falls.  It’s a beautiful waterfall and the picture speaks for itself.  Although certainly not the highest waterfall in the Gorge it is one of the more spectacular, the large pool where the water lands is a perfect blue-green. The trail continues on and so do the remarkable views.

After six miles of easy hiking through succulent forest, you’ll come to the monumental Tunnel Falls(Picture 2).  At 160 feet, this waterfall is a spectacle to behold with vertical walls of basalt on each side.  To make these falls even more amazing, the trail leads you through a tunnel going behind the falls.  It’s a sensory overload and a great way to end the trail.  After the falls you can either continue on or head back.  I decided to head back and arrived at my car before 2 p.m.

I would highly recommend this section of Eagle Creek Trail #440.  Avoid if possible on the weekends or start very early on.  I encountered very few people on the way up but on the way back the place was quickly filling.  There are a few spots where exposed cliff could cause problems for some, but with the added cables to hold onto I think most would find it okay. All in all one of the easiest 10+ mile hikes around.  Enjoy!


Punch Bowl Falls

Punch Bowl Falls

Tunnel Falls

Tunnel Falls

5/3/2015 Discs at Dabney

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I’ve been surrounded by Disc Golf since I moved to Colorado for college. Two years spent there and another three spent in Asheville, NC and I’ve still never thrown a disc on an actual course. Six months into living in the Pacific Northwest and that would all change.  John and Ty decided to take me out to Dabney after work on a perfect sunny Sunday Afternoon.

We played all 18 holes and I started out by nearly losing Ty’s Beast (it is an unfortunate color).  I came to appreciate the Leopard’s ease of use, and I would definitely recommend it to any fellow beginner to the sport. For a mid range, I relied mostly on the new Foxbat.  I love this disc.  On the back 9 where you don’t have much room for errors this disc was perfect, super straight every time, sacrificing a bit of distance was just fine for me.  Mix that with a Dart to putt with and I was thoroughly enjoying the game by the time I had finished all 18 holes.

The course was in pretty good condition for early May.  Some areas were a bit wet yet, but overall the course was extremely playable. Also, I now realize how important a disc’s color is.  Pinks and Oranges are so much easier to spot in this area, and trekking around in the mud to find your green disc is no fun.  So get out there and enjoy it, I know I can’t wait until my next time out.